My organization, the Committee for Justice, has been on the frontlines of social justice for nearly two decades. I am very proud of that. We have accomplished a lot. Recently we started paying more attention to an issue that most people in the Black community shy away from. That is starting your own business. I have looked for the best, and least expensive, business models I could find. I have also written extensively about online scams and how I have been duped in the past. We are beyond that now.

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I turned that around for myself and have begun to teach members of my organization how to do the same. Let’s be upfront though; you have to treat internet businesses like a business! You have to be willing to learn and work and apply the right system. I can direct you to an awesome system with incredible training, you must provide the work. And you get to start earning money before you have to pay for anything. Again, if you do the work!

Social Justice movements would be so much more powerful if those who fight the good fight had more time and money. The internet makes that possible. Check out for 14 days free! Check out the videos of people like Les Brown that will get you in the right mindset to be more successful in all areas of your life.


It's been a year since we went to our "friends" the Peekskill Democrats. They would not be in office if not for us. Instead of addressing the blatant racism in Peekskill Government and the abuses at the Housing Authority under Harold Phipps (who the mayor supports), they have attacked ALL of our rights to speak, have representation on the Housing Board and threatened us with arrest and/or eviction.

Take a look at
 of me talking to the mayor and council. It is not totally wasted. The people sitting at home watching this are so disgusted with our treatment, we are getting more supporters everyday.



Asbury Park Press (Asbury Park, NJ)

December 11, 2003




ASBURY PARK – A Housing Authority employee is suing the agency and its recently fired executive director, claiming she was sexually harassed and later demoted for reporting it.


The employee, Nancy Goldie of Tinton Falls, claims in a lawsuit filed in state Superior Court that Harold Phipps, authority executive director from January 2002 until last week, touched her inappropriately several times, left a note at her home with his phone number on it, and asked her to fax his Viagra prescription.


Goldie is seeking unspecified damages and court costs.


Phipps had not yet seen the lawsuit but said yesterday that "there's absolutely no truth in her allegations."


"It's a bogus suit from start to finish," he said. "It was all lies … it's all nonsense."


Mark Tabakin, an attorney for the authority, said he is familiar with the accusations but also had not yet read the lawsuit. He said he would vigorously defend the agency.


"We don't believe that the authority has any culpability at all," he said.


Housing Authority Chairman Rudolph Pierre could not be reached for comment.


Goldie began working for the housing authority in March 1987. Shortly after Phipps was hired two years ago, he began "invading (her) personal space," according to the suit.


Goldie claims he kissed and hugged her without her consent, asked her out to lunch and generally created a "hostile and intimidating work environment."


When she brought the matter to the attention of authority commissioners in the spring of 2002, the suit says, Phipps violated the agency's confidentiality policy by publicly identifying Goldie as having lodged a complaint against him.


Goldie was placed on administrative leave for several months pending an investigation of her complaint, which the commissioners did not sustain, according to a letter sent by Tabakin to Phipps in November 2002.


However, Phipps was reprimanded in the letter for his public disclosure of Goldie's complaint, and he was forced to forfeit three vacation, personal or sick days, and was required to attend sensitivity training.


Goldie was allowed to return to work in January 2003, but the suit says she was demoted and transferred to a substandard work space.


Phipps was fired Dec. 4 by a majority vote of the authority commissioners in what was described as a clash over his management style.


That the suit was filed the following day was a "total coincidence," said Goldie's attorney, Lynda Lee of Spring Lake.




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There is a place that people who want to be successful must go through. Of course "success" is relative. But if you want to grow, expand and achieve bigger goals or seek change, you must go through "there".  What is "there"? That space between where you are currently and where you want to be.

Many people have opened that door or stuck their toe in it only to pull back. They found that the stress, discomfort or uncertainty of progress is too much to bare. So they pull back and accept. They stay at their current level of achievement.

If you want to be successful, if you want growth, you MUST go into uncomfortable and uncharted waters. It is normal to feel challenged when striving. Otherwise, you are just staying in your comfort zone and going nowhere.

I don't know how much marketing genius Seth Godin will appreciate me highlighting one of his articles to point out the lunacy of a politician, but here we go.

Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster says that a person's past should have nothing to do with the decision to hire them. She is referring to Peekskill Housing Authority Director Harold Phipps. You may recall I wrote about Phipps' less than stellar past job performances.

Since arriving in Peekskill, Phipps has literally terrorized an award winning little girls dance group, illegally let himself into several women's apartments with his pass key. They have complained to Mayor Foster about this. He yells and screams at residents. He makes lewd remarks to females. He has threatened critics with arrest or eviction. And has attacked the rights of residents to organize. Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster says she supports him anyway. After all, it's only Black people complaining.

Turning back to Seth's post, in which he refers to people who don't think past performance is a good indicator of future performance, he says,"…I think it's worth pointing out that you're nuts."  Of course he didn't have Mary Foster in mind when he wrote that. But it sure fits.

Yes Mayor Foster, you are nuts to stand by this man. You knew his job history and STILL made public statements of support. And not ONE statement in support of the residents he manages. The residents who voted for you. Shame on you!

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